Kingston police arrest man who pledged to kill mum, others in mass shooting

20-year-old Connor C. Miller, who Kingston Police said threatened to kill his mother and others in a mass shooting has been arrested, according to reports.

Authorities said Miller was found with a 9mm semi-automatic handgun at the time of arrest.

He was reportedly apprehended after being lured from his residence in the 100 block of East Dorrance Street on Wednesday, according to court records.

Miller was arraigned by District Judge Joseph Spagnuolo Jr. in Plains Township on charges of firearms not to be carried without a license, terroristic threats, stalking and harassment.

Spagnuolo jailed Miller without bail at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility deeming him a danger to the victim and community.

Miller’s mother reported her son has been threatening to kill her, destroy items in their apartment and cut up her clothing so she didn’t have any clothing to wear.

Miller often bragged about a “ghost gun” he often carried, his mum said.

After she talked to a former co-worker outside their residence, she claimed Miller would question her whereabouts and attempted to control her daily and work activities, the complaint says.

Miller allegedly sent his mother text messages on Tuesday stating: “…I’m not stopping myself, I’ll air everyone out in a 30 yard vicinity.” In another text messages Miller allegedly sent, he stated: “These bullets nameless remember dat but I could give em names.”

She further claimed Miller called her approximately 200 times and sent multiple text messages since 10 a.m. Wednesday.

In one of the text messages, Miller stated he was,

“fillin the washer w toilet bowl cleaner n ya clothes. Tvs next. Ur all gonna suffer. Hope you think dis funny woever w u better duck taco, Y’all unleased dis now u ge to see the wrath, Ima camp out at dis (racial slur) house if dis how it is,” 

Soon after the woman reported the alleged threats, police were able to lure Miller from his residence to arrest him.

When Miller was taken into custody, he was conversing with his mother during a phone call calling her vulgar sexual names and threatened to kill her, the complaint says.

Miller laughed when he was arrested, police said.

A 9mm handgun was found in his pocket, the complaint says.