Kim Hong-Bin Missing – Help find Korean Mountaineer

Missing Mr Kim

Kim Hong-Bin the world’s first disabled person who conquered the highest fourteen mountains in Himalayas has been declared missing.

The 57 year-old Korean celebrated climber who had all his fingers amputated after suffering a severe frostbite while climbing in Alaskain the year 1991, despite what could have been a debilitating setback in his life, Kim went on to become the world’s first disabled person to conquer the highest mountains.

The secretary of the Pakistan Alpine Club, Karrar Haidri, said Kim had slipped and fallen while descending the Chinese side of the mountain in poor weather. No information has been heard concerning him since then.

Kim arrived at the summit of Broad Peak on Sunday as part of an expedition organized by a small group.

The celebrated Korean climber had just scaled the 26,400ft (8047m) high Broad Peak in the Karakoram mountains before he is thought to have fallen into a crevasse.

Mr KIM also founded an organization promoting outdoor activities  for children with disabilities.

Search was commenced by other mountaineers who were climbing with him but they had to pause due to the bad weather. Mr Haidri told Reuters news agency that helicopters would be used in the search “when the weather permits”.