Kidnapping Of Quinn – Did Florida woman fake her kidnap?

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Kidnapping Of Quinn – Florida woman who went missing in September 2009 said to fake her own kidnap with lover.

Florida, U.S – Quinn Gray, 37 year-old at the time was said to have been kidnapped by some unknown people in September 2009.

According to reports, her husband who was said to be a wealthy health care executive told the authorities he came home the night she went missing and saw a note which was written by her saying she had been kidnapped.

The note reads “There are three men holding me right now and they want $50,000 cash, Do not do anything stupid. NO COPS!”

Investigation into the case later revealed according to sources that the 25-year-old mechanic charged with trying to extort thousands from Gray’s husband wasn’t her captor but her accomplice and lover.

Gray never believed the story by the investigators as he said he knew she was only doing what her abductor wanted her to do.

The County Sheriff said “I wish I knew how to write a screenplay, because if I did, I’d make some money off this story.”

Quinn was later released by her supposedly abductor after some huge amounts were paid as ransom members of her family.

The police investigated the case and was able to arrest the abductor which was a 25 year-old mechanic.

Jasmin Osmanovic said “I met Quinn Gray about a month and a half ago. We met at a gas station,” wrote the young mechanic. He described going to her house and listening to her talk about her marital problems and her issues with drinking — she had nearly split up with Reid Gray and had gone to rehab at a tony Minnesota clinic. Her husband had affairs, she said, and she wondered if he wanted her dead.”

Quinn however denied the claims and still insisted she was kidnapped by him. However what is important is that she was found safe and the question of whether or not she faked the abduction remains unproven.