Kervin Curtis Missing – Help find

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Kervin Curtis Missing  – My husband, Kervin Curtis has been missing since he left around 12:40 am at Turkey Run State Park on the 23rd.

Report says Kervin went missing from his job at INDOT on the 23rd, and after attempting to contact him all day at 2:42 PM he sent a text stating that he was attempting to overdose on Wellbutrin. He said he took 22, and she confirmed with the pharmacy he had a 90 day supply filled on the 19th. He was also in possession of a handgun. she then reported it to Parke county immediately.

Kervin’s wife said he was pinged by Fountain County last at 5:40 that day, and I was, by Gods Grace, logged into my Gmail on his phone, and it was turned off on the 23rd shortly after near Waveland. She then filed the official Missing Persons report with Montgomery County Officer Krall.

Sources say Kervin has had these suicidal mental breaks before but she and his Father were able to help him thru them. He started counseling immediately after the first episode she was there for in late July and the meds last week. she realize that she’s putting his personal things out there, and he can be mad at her later. This is very serious, We had a sighting in Fort Wayne, and we called it in. Said the wife, I am in contact multiple times a day with the Sheriff’s Departments, chasing any lead and updating. His parents are not communicating or helping me, though they have told police they have not seen him, I check the phone log and FindMyAndroid app each every hour. I have called 32 hospitals. He has not accessed his bank account card since last Wednesday.

Kervin Curtis is described as 5’11” tall and approximately 140 pounds, He has a tattoo on his forearm.
He was last seen wearing an orange t shirt and Grey on Grey Husqvarna Hoodie.

Reports say Kervin’s wife is diligently following any tips, leads, and relaying them. Anyone with information regarding Kervin Curtis whereabout is asked to call  317-677-3276.

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