Keomi L. Oleana missing – Help family find 16 y/o Trumbull teen

Keomi L. Oleana missing – Concern grows for 16 y/o Trumbull teen Keomi L. Oleana, who might be in danger.

Keomi L. Oleana, a 16-year-old girl from Trumbull, has been reported missing from home and her family is worried about her safety, as she has been in contact with strange men in the region. The family and police are appealing for help from the public in finding the missing teen, who might be in danger.

Her family reported that as at 6:00 am, Oleana was not home, apparently she didn’t spend the night at home; Which makes her family to worry about where she might really have gone to late at night.

Where is Keomi L. Oleana?

Though we investigations are still going on, the Clay County Emergency Manager said she may be in Seward, Buffalo, Hall or Adams counties, and we are pleading with the residents of the said area to be on the look out for the missing teen.

Further research has shown that the strange men are on the U Date app, and were in Seward, Hall, Adams, and Buffalo Counties

Keomi L. Oleana description

Oleana is described as a white female, approximately 5’5” tall, with weight of 235 lbs, she has hazel eyes, and brown hair.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 and local authorities will follow up with that community, according to the Clay County Emergency Manager.