kayson dwayne calim dies in motorcycle accident

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 What happened To Kayson Dwayne Calim?

Kayson Dwayne Calim Death – Obituary: Kayson Dwayne Calim has died in a fatal motorcycle accident.

The circumstances concerning the incident was not immediately released by the Authorities.

It was not revealed if alcohol is one of the cause of the accident.

kayson’s family and friends have taken to their social media page to express their grief over the death of their loved ones.

kayson Dwayne Calim GoFundMe

Denzal McKenzie posted on his Facebook page about opening gofundme account to gather fund for the funeral and burial of his deceased friend, Kayson Dwayne Calim. “I see a lot of nasty and weird behaviour behind the death of my friend that just tragically happened last night. Say your condolences or don’t say anything at all, it’s that simple.

Nothing in between needs to be addressed or mentioned, y’all are sick. Y’all get way to entitled and comfortable telling someone else how they should go about and how they should feel on a situation it’s really mind blowing to me. People get behind screens on the internet and really say whatever. I’ll never feed into it though, word. Rip. You’ll be missed bro. Dwayane Calim
That being said here is his gofundme https://gofund.me/f75281f6″

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Kayson Dwayne Calim. May you all be granted the fortitude to bear this loss.