Katelyn Vanhoozer Accident- Katelyn Vanhoozer killed in car accident

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Katelyn Vanhoozer Accident

Katelyn Vanhoozer Death Obituary: Societyalert have got to know about the death of Katelyn Vanhoozer who was brutally injured in a head on collision of two vehicles few days ago.

It was revealed that she sustained fatal injuries from the crash and was rushed to the hospital for treatment where she later succumbed to her injuries on Monday.

The nature of the accident is not yet disclosed by the officials. It was not stated if she was wearing seat belt during the accident.

This is a developing sttory. More update will include all listed above.

Friends and family in mourning spirit have taken to the social media to express their grief.

Dallas Dressage Club said “Our deepest sympathy and heart felt condolences to the Vanhoozer family. Katelyn Vanhoozer was a beautiful young woman and we were proud to have the opportunity to share in her love of horses and dressage. Rest in peace and ride on in the heavens.”

“Katelyn Vanhoozer, a lovely young lady and promising equestrianne, was recently and brutally injured in a head on collision of two vehicles. She is fighting with everything she has and needs our prayers more than ever… The family met with doctors yesterday who have simply said this is beyond their abilities.

We need prayer for Katelyn. From around the world, she needs our combined power of healing, grace, and strength. Please add your voices to the chorus of love for this special young lady.” Said Carrie Ferrer .

According to Bailey Hopkins, “Katelyn, My sweet beautiful friend! We’ve been wearing Gods ears out for you these past few weeks. Praying for healing and for your loving family to find peace and rest. Heaven received one amazing Angel today.

My heart is hurting, but I am grateful your soul is picture perfect and free from pain, basking in our Fathers magnificent beauty!
I will forever treasure the short time I was blessed with, getting to know you

I’ll miss bringing you ironworks coffee, and trimming your hair in my kitchen. Picking up the phone and texting you randomly only to find you were texting me at the exact same time (soul sisters)! Prepping and primping for all your bougie photo ops with Donar! Sharing a Birthday, and struggling through your seat lessons! I wish we had more time, you were and are one of my dearest friends! I love you, you will be greatly missed Katelyn Vanhoozer!
Ps Kate, hair whip pic is my fav… you have the best hair flip Love, your hairdresser.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Katelyn Vanhoozer. My her soul rest in peace, Amen!