Kari Swenson Kidnapped – Story of the abduction of Kari Swenson

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Kari Swenson Kidnapped – Kidnapping of  Pennsylvania girl in 1984.

Kari Swenson, 22 years at the time she went missing in 1984.

According to reports, Kari was abducted in 1984. She was said to have been seen last seen at her apartment in the area.

Who is Kari Swenson?

Kari was born in the year 1961 in Pennsylvania. She competed in the first women’s Biathlon World Championship in France and won a bronze medal with her team, placing fifth individually.

What happened to Kari Swenson?

Multiple sources say Kari had been adducted and shot in the year 1984 but she survived.

The 22 year-old was abducted by Don Nichols and his then 18-year-old son Dan who wanted her to be the wife of Dan but she refused so they kidnapped and tied her up.

Kari’s family reported her missing after she did not show up to work. She was said to have been missing for 18 hours during which the authorities carried out search and asked the help of the public in finding her.

A passerby reportedly noticed the activities going on and was trying to get the attention of neighbors by shouting. This they said led to Don shooting and Kari was shot in the process.

However she survived the shooting as she was rescued and rushed to the hospital.

According to reports, Kari was shot right in the chest at close range. Hence, the bullet went through her lung and exited from below her shoulder blade.

Kari was able to survive due to the breath control skill she had learned as an athlete.

Kari Swenson is now 60 year-old. She continues to be involved as a biathlete by coaching and mentoring youngsters, she primarily spends her time as a practicing veterinarian in her hometown of Bozeman, Montana. In other words, Dr. Kari is moving on with her life while still enjoying the outdoors, but it’s just that she now prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Kari Swenson kidnapped