Ka’Rell Holt Missing – Help find boy missing from Texas

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Family of boy missing for over 10 years seeks help to find him.

Erica Jones the aunt of Ka’Rell Holt, has reported him missing after he was said to have been seen last in 2007. She said her mother was in custody of the boy at the time and had to leave him with a family relative because she had been going through a lot at the time.

The said relative was said to have moved away from her known location and changed her phone number this made it difficult for them to reach her.

Jones said they have been actively looking for the boy who should now be 14 year-old. She said they received a phone call from the boy’s dad during the search saying the boy had taken his life in 2019, she believes the story was false and it was to stop them from searching further.

Jones is now speaking up and asking the public’s help in finding the boy after she found out from the brother of Holt’s dad that he is still alive.

The 14 year-old was said to have been reportedly kicked out of his dad’s house and has now moved to San Antonio in Texas.

A picture of Holt is attached to this post.


Erica Jones – “I don’t know where to begin. My mom had custody of my nephew when he was 4 years old. She fell on hard times so she asked his paternal aunt to keep him until she got herself situated. Well the aunt ended up moving and changing her phone number. We have been searching for him for 14 years. He will be 18 in November 25th. A week ago his dad told his nephew to tell us he committed suicide 2 years ago so we won’t look for him. I found out recently through his dad’s brother that he is alive. I also found out that his dad kicked him out of the house in Bethany, Oklahoma so he came back to San Antonio, Texas. We just want to find him so we can tell him the truth, how much we searched for him and how much we love him. He has a room he can stay in at any of our homes. We just want to find him. His name is Ka’Rell Holt or Salone(not sure if they changed his last name). The picture posted is from 2014 and 2019″

Anyone who has seen or has information on his whereabouts should contact the above linked group or call 911.