Justin Clark Obituary – Justin Clark Hillsborough NJ has died – Cause of death

Justin Clark Hillsborough NJ Obituary, Death, Cause Of Death – This Hillsborough High School junior passed from COVID. He was in one of Chris’ classes. So sad. The unexpected death of a child is an unimaginable loss that no one could prepare for. As many of you have heard, our beloved friends, James and Nicole lost their 17-year-old first born child to Covid. The love and joy that Justin brought to them and everyone that knew him will never be forgotten.

Justin had a big heart and his personality and smile was compelling beyond words. His never-ending knowledge, love, and conversations for sports and music, especially the NJ Devils, has always been a passion of his. The family is devastated and truly heartbroken. No one should have to think and worry about expenses at a time like this.

No amount of words can express the pain James and Nicole are feeling. They are very grateful for everyone’s condolences, love, prayers, and hoping they are able to find their strength during a dark time like this. Our hearts break for Justin’s parents during this time.

Justin Clark Obituary – Justin Clark Hillsborough NJ has died – Cause of death

Some of you have reached out and asked how you can help during this time. Know that your kindness is much appreciated as they navigate through this heart breaking moment. They kindly ask, if you are able to, donate funds to help offset the cost of the funeral arrangements to allow Justin to rest in peace. We Thank EVERYONE for their donations.