Judahstrong, What Happened To Judah Jackson?

Verlonda Jackson – Judah Jackson Drowing Accident

Judah Jackson Death; Cause of death. Judah Jackson has recently succumbed to the injuries he sustained after he fell in the lake last year.

According to the report, the baby got fatal injuries and was rushed to the hospital for treatment; he fought for his life months after the horrible incident but has given up the ghost on Monday, Nov. 8, 2021.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are yet unknown.

Authorities are still investigating the incident, this post will be updated once the officials release more information regarding the accident.

Friends have been expressing their grief and sending their condolences to the family of Jackson through their social media pages.

The Lion of Judah wrote, “Sweet baby, Mommy tried. I tried everything. I drove myself crazy trying to save you over the last 15 months…and it was worth it. A mother’s love is always worth it. I was willing to risk it all to see you make it….and you were making it. You were progressing so well, and then, without warning, and like a thief in the night, God snatched you away…………. Rest peacefully, beautiful boy. I’m so sorry 💔.”

Trish Lee posted, “I don’t know The Jackson family personally@thejacksonfamilyvalue but I’ve been following them since
their son Judah fell in the lake last year and this baby has been fighting for his life… today he passed away😢😢😢💔🙏🏼#judahstrong.”

No additional information regarding the incident at the moment.