Juanita Coco dies in car accident

The saddest day of Johnny Young’s life revealed

Juanita Coco¬† Death – Obituary: On Sunday night’s 50th Anniversary Special, during his tenure as host of Young Talent Time, Johnny Young, 74, has revealed the most difficult moment to be the time Juanita Coco lost her life in a car accident.

Juanita Coco was a member of YTT.

It was revealed that she lost her life at age 17. And she was just 12 when she began to wow Australia with her prodigious talent.

Johnny Young said, ‘I think one of the saddest days of my life was the day that we heard that Juanita Coco had died in a car accident.’

He also added that, ‘She was something VERY special. She was a mighty talent. She was a wonderful singer. And she would have been a big star, definitely. Sadly, her life was cut short.’

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One person Tweeted: ‘Tears in my eyes. Heartbreaking, but such a beautiful interview with Juanita’s family’.

Another person added: ‘I adored Juanita, was obsessed as a kid. When we ‘played’ #YTT in the playground at school I was always her.

‘I was devastated by her passing and am so moved by this wonderful interview with her exceptionally brave family. What a beautiful girl. Her poor parents’.

Someone else added: ‘Juanita Coco was my fave amongst the ‘last batch’ of YTT. The devastation her family must have felt is so sad.’

May her soul continue to rest in peace.