Jordan Scott, Pictures and Videos Leaked

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Who Is Jordan Scott?

Jordan Scott, a well known actress, who is becoming news headline, was born in the year 1977, in London, England. She is 43 year-old and a British. She was raised by her parents in their hometown in England, she’s fond of her parents, her father’s name is Ridley Scott and her mom is Sandy Watson. it’s alleged that her biological parents are divorced and her stepmom is Felicity Heywood. According to reports, she is the niece of Tony Scott and the half-sister of Luke and Jack Scott who are all directors. She directed the feature film “Cracks”, All Invisible Children, Portraits, Never among others. She also did adverts for big companies like Prada, Nike, and Land

Jordan Scott Height and Weight

The veteran is said to 43-44 years old, according to sources, her exact height and weight is not known, but judging from her physical appearance, she’s said to be tall and weight is moderate.

Jordan Smith Career

The British lady is prominent is reportedly one of the famous actresses in making any kind of movie and video . She is a British photographer and film producer . The TikTok star makes different videos using TikTok musical app. According to reports she’s garnered so much active fanbase and followers. According to reports, she has gained about 1.8 million followers on her TikTok account and 72,000 followers on her Instagram account. Her contents are been applauded by her fans and also other famous celebrities.

Jordan Scott Net Worth

According to the source, she’s doing well in her career to give herself a good life, her primary source of income includes but not limited to filmmaker and TikTok. She has an estimated worth of about $1 to $5million recently.