Jon Reiman Dies In Pleasanton, CA big rig accident

Jon Reiman Car Accident – Cause of Death : 60-year-old Jon Reiman, a resident of Dublin has passed away from injuries suffered in a three-car accident that occurred on I-580 on Friday, November 5, 2021 in Pleasanton, California.

According to report, the incident happened on Interstate 680, near 580 Freeway when Reiman who was driving a Honda southbound on I-680 drove passed Alcosta Boulevard exit and mistakenly clipped a big rig. The impact caused Reiman to lost control of the car and rotated across the five lanes before the car finally came to a rest after overturning to it side in the left lane of I-680 close to I-580 interchange.

After that, an oncoming pickup truck that did not slow down struck the Honda. Reiman died of the injuries he sustained from the crash. It was not made known if the driver of the big rig and the truck were hurt.