John Romankiewicz missing – Help police locate man missing from Bellingham

John Romankiewicz missing – Have you seen this 38-year-old man last seen in Bellingham on Monday.

BELLINGHAM, Washington – John Romankiewicz has been reported missing from Bellingham. He was seen last in the area on Monday, November 8th, 2021, and has not been seen or heard from since then.

The family and friends of John have expressed deep worries at his disappearance as they fear he might be in danger. He was said to have left without his phone and this makes his disappearance very worrisome.

A Facebook post by Patricia Stevens Lahtinen reads “This man, John Romankiewicz, is the partner of my daughter’s WWU professor of linguistics (her favorite class this quarter) and he’s missing. If you find him, please contact the Bellingham Police Department.”

John Romankiewicz description:

Age – 38

Sex – Male

Race – White

Height – 6’2″ feet

Weight – 160

Hair – Brown

Eyes – Blue

Last known clothing – Given as a black beanie, grey puffy jacket, jeans, and brown boots.

Jeff Shaw said “Hey y’all, my friend and coworker John Romankiewicz has been missing for two days. He left his house in the York neighborhood Monday morning and hasn’t been seen since. His partner has reported him missing to the police, and his case is officially a missing person case.”

Help find John Romankiewicz:

To help find John, you can share this post from our Facebook and Twitter to create awareness that he is missing. Creating awareness is a vital tool in finding a missing person.

Anyone who has seen or heard from John Romankiewicz since the reported date or has information that can help find him has been asked to call 911.