John Pierce Missing – Is U.S attorney John Pierce missing?

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John Pierce Missing – Is the U.S attorney in charge of Criminal defendants in the Capitol riot missing? 

United States – John Pierce, a U.S attorney is reportedly missing from court.

According to reports, John is said to have been defending over 17 Criminal defendants in the Capitol riot cases. He was said to have gone missing from his court appearances. He is said to be hospitalized from COVID.

An argument stated that ’“Marshall has been the government’s main or sole point of contact for many of the defendants represented by Mr. Pierce, the government does not believe it appropriate to continue to communicate with him in Mr. Pierce’s absence, during which he would necessarily be acting without supervision by a licensed attorney.”

Pierce is said to be a defendant to riot prosecutors who are being are being charged in court. They are over hundreds of prosecutors being accused of invading the Capitol complex on January 6th after the former President Donald Trump urged supporters to fight against the confirmation of Joe Biden’s election as president by a joint session of Congress.

Is John Pierce missing?

John pierce is not a missing person however, he is missing from a court action with the claim of being hospitalized from COVID.

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