By Anthony | August 28, 2020
Danial Hacko found dead

A Juneau man was reported dead on Wednesday, his body was found inside a forklift on a construction site at the end of a Sherwood Lane in the Mendenhall valley.

Police said Jonathan Danial Hacko, aged 33 had been working and hadn’t been out of sight for a long period before he was discovered dead by his coworkers.

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Capital City Fire and Rescue were invited to the construction site. They tried to resuscitate and revive Hacko but he eventually died.

Juneau Police carried out investigation but, Lt. Krag Campbell stated in an email that the cause of Hacko death is unclear, his body has been sent to medical expert for post meridian examination to be carried out.

It would take weeks to know the cause and manner of Hacko’s death. Campell stated that it normally takes 2 -3 weeks to get the medical result released.It could take longer if toxicology report is conducted.