Joe Biden White House under assault as Afghanistan Implodes

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According to sources, there was a horrifying attack outside the Kabul airport on Thursday, taking the lives of at least 182 people, including 169 Afghan civilians and 13 members of the US Marine Corps.

ISIS-K, an offshoot of the original ISIS, has taken responsibility for the casualties, caused by two suicide bombings and a mass shooting.

People have been crowding the perimeter of the airport in Kabul ever since the Taliban took over the Afghan capital city two weeks ago.

This provided an opportunity for infiltrators to kill a lot of people in a tight space.

President Biden spoke on Thursday about the attack and vowed to find and bring to justice the people responsible for it.

Some people, members of the media as well as politicians left and right, are arguing this is justification for the US military to continue and even ramp up the war in Afghanistan.

Biden is not listening to these voices and has pointed out that the US should not remain in the country as doing so would put even more American lives in harms way.

“Certainly the withdrawal from Afghanistan has been messy but the takeaway should be that it was going to be chaotic whenever it was done and after twenty years trying to nation build, it’s time for the United States to move on,” Pres. Biden stated.