Jesse Capen Missing – Remains of missing man found 3 years after he went missing

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Jesse Capen Missing – Man missing from Arizona found dead three years after he went missing from Apache Junction Museum.

Jesse Joseph Capen, 35 year-old at the time he went missing was said to have disappeared from Apache Junction, Museum  Arizona in December 4th, 2009.

According to reports, Jesse was said to been seen last after he went to the legendary ‘Lost Dutchman’s’ gold mine in the Superstition Mountains for a quest.

Jesse Joseph Capen Description:

Jesse was described as a White male who was said to be of a big build. he was said to have short black hair and brown eyes.

No distinctive features or birth marks was given.

Jesse Joseph Capen Disappearance:

The 35 year-old who initially lived in Colorado was a father of two.

Jesse was reportedly obsessed with researching the legendary “Lost Dutchman’s” gold mine. He generally believed to be located in the Superstition Mountains near Apache Junction in the Tonto National Forest, east of Phoenix, Arizona.

According to reports, the 35 year-old was said to have gone on a trip to the Arizona’s Tonto National Forest, east of Phoenix.

Jesse was said to have stayed at the Apache Junction Motel during the trip which was were he went missing from. He was said to have gone to the City’s museum and never returned to his hotel room. That was the last time anyone saw or heard from him.

Authorities search for Jesse Joseph Capen:

The authorities carried out multiple search for Jesse after he was reported missing but the search did not turn up much.

In December 20th 16 days after he went missing his vehicle which was a Jeep was found near the site of the Old Tortilla Ranch by a hiker who was walking in the area.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office went on to check the campsite and found Capen’s personal belongings including his wallet, credit cards, cash, cell phone, food and water, left behind inside the tent.

Jesse Joseph Capen found dead:

Almost 3 years later the remains of Jesse was found by members of the Superstition Search and Rescue.

According to reports, the remains were located in the southern portion of the Superstition Mountain, 60 miles east of Phoenix on 4,892-foot Tortilla Mountain. The remains was found close to where his Jeep was earlier found.

Jesse Joseph Capen death:

The cause of death was not given but investigations were carried out.

Details of the investigation was not released to the public.

Jesse’s mother reportedly said she believed he might have fallen during his hike.