Jerika missing – Disappearance of Jerika Binks

Jerika missing – What happened to woman missing from Utah since February 2018?

UTAH, US State – Jerika Binks, reported missing from Utah County. She reportedly went missing from a treatment center in Utah.

According to the report, she was last seen on Friday 18th of February 2018 in American Fork Utah. Her family has expressed deep worries about her disappearance as they fear she might be in danger.

ABC4 Utah wrote on Facebook “HAVE YOU SEEN HER? Investigators say Jerika Binks is missing from a treatment center in Utah County. She told roommates she was going running on the morning of February 18th but never returned.”

She was said to have gone for a morning run and did not return. A Facebook post by Jennifer reads “I just watched this on tv and omg my heart aches for her I feel a sense of her story lingering with me now😢I almost immediately broke down as if I knew her as the family and I believe for so many reasons, one I was an addict years ago I would never want to be robbed portrayed the way she was at first, and two her strength!!❤️but in the end, she succumbed to the elements in which was her strength at one point in time.”

Jerika Binks description:

Jerika is described as a White female who has light brown hair and brown eyes. She is of a medium build weighing about 120 pounds and is approximately 5’4″ feet tall.

The last known clothing description of Jerika was not given. Distinctive features were also not given.

What are authorities doing to find Jerika Binks?

Authorities commenced a search for Jerika after she was reported missing.

A Facebook post by KSL 5TV reads “Saturday morning, a search party will meet at Art Dye Park, 550 E 1000 N, in American Fork to look for Jerika Binks. Binks has been missing since Feb. 18.”

Help find Jerika Binks:

To help find Jerika, you can share this post on our Facebook and Twitter to help create awareness that she is missing. One of the most vital tools in finding a missing person is creating awareness.

Anyone who has information to help find Jerika Binks has been asked to call the police.