Jasmine Block Missing – Dr Phil, abduction Story of Jasmine Block, Texas

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Jasmine Block Missing – What happened to Grant County girl kidnapped by her father’s bestfriend.

Texas, US State – Jasmine Block recounts her encounter during a talk show with Dr Phil. The then 15 year-old was reportedly kidnapped by her father’s bestfriend, Thomas Barker.

Jasmine was reported missing by her parents after she suddenly disappeared from her home in Grant County on August 8th 2019. Family of Jasmine were very worried at her disappearance which lasted for 29 days.

Search for Jasmine Block:

Authorities searched the areas severally for Jasmine after she was reported missing but all search turned up nothing.

The Alexandria Police Department also asked the help of the public in finding Jasmine which was feared to be in danger.

Jasmine Block description:

The then 15 year-old was described as a White female who was of medium build. She has long brown hair and brown eyes.

Jasmine Block found:

A press release by the Alexandria Police Department 29 days after stated that Jasmine was found safe and well in Grant County and was taken to the a local hospital for minor injuries.

Three people were arrested in relation to the case. One of which was her father’s best friend Thomas Barker.

The Jasmine Block abduction story:

Jasmine in 2019 told the story of her abduction in a talk show with Dr Phil. She said she was told by Barker to his home in Carlos that his son who was a close friend of Jasmine was having a breakdown and needed her company.

The 15 year-old then said she suspected something was wrong as they approached the house but it was too late to do anything about the situation. She said in the show that she was assaulted sexually by Baker who held her bound and tied her up.

Jasmine said during her stay several people visited but she was threatened not to make a sound. She eventually was able to escape when Baker and the two men who were with him holding her captive went out to buy drugs.

The 15 year-old was said to have swam across a river to get help. She finally got help and asked to call 911. The police reportedly came and helped her return back home.

Baker along with the other two men where arrested by the police and was charged for Kidnap and assault. Baker was sentenced to 24 years in prison and the other two 8 years in prison.

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