JaShyah Moore Missing – Search ongoing for missing juvenile

JaShyah Moore Missing – Mother of 14-year-old teen is growing increasingly worried for the welfare of her daughter and she is asking the public to help lookout for her.

According to report 14-year-old JaShyah Moore, disappeared 2-weeks-ago after visiting an East Orange deli to pick up some essentials for her family.

The family said this days has been extremely painful for them while trying to get her home.

Jamie Moore, the teen’s mom said “There’s a lot of heartless people out there, We got a couple of requests for money, for information, which I turned over to the police department”.

JaShyah Moore was reported missing on Thursday, October 14, but her case did not receive much attention, so her family and friends sent handmade “missing” posters to the Mary Murphy Mystery Facebook page. We decided to investigate.

The teen’s aunt Yolanda Moore said “My niece is a Black, Afro-Latina girl, you understand? When you’re in a disenfranchised community like East Orange, there’s a lot of, I would say, ignoring of Black little girls”.

The teen’s mother said her daughter went to U.S. Food Market on Central Avenue in East Orange at about 7:30 a.m. on October 14 for juice and paper towels.

“She came back and she said, ‘Mommy, I lost the card,’” Jamie Moore recalled. The teen was referring to the EBT card used by many families for assistance in purchasing food.

“I just said, ‘Backtrack your steps,’” Jamie Moore said.

She said when her daughter didn’t come back again within an hour, she went out looking for her. She said she walked up and down Central Avenue going to several delis.

Finally, Jamie Moore said she flagged down a police car before dusk and reported her daughter missing.

The mother said police searched her house on Amherst Street the first day, and returned to remove her daughter’s video games, personal documents, and even the mother’s phone. (Jamie Moore said her daughter did not have her own phone with her.)

When Officials visited the first deli JaShyah Moore went to on Thursday, October 14, the clerk said East Orange investigators had taken the footage showing the teen in the store that morning.

“Somebody came in with her and paid for her,” the female clerk said, where the girl bought juice and some candy.

The employee’s co-worker, Bassan Awaldi, said the man was wearing a baseball hat and a mask. Awaldi said. “He talked with her; he pay and go,”

Family learned JaShyah Moore also visited another deli on Central Avenue that day Poppie’s. Police obtained surveillance at that location, too.

The teen’s little brother, Jaiden, is also missing his big sister, who helped him with his Spider-Man game “Shyah just downloads it,” the little boy said. “Now I can’t play it.”

Jamie Moore said her daughter aspired to create her own YouTube channel, loved to cook and was mostly a homebody.

“Nothing would keep her away from me,” the mom sobbed, “Nothing would keep her away from her little brother. And she’s such a smart girl. She would not stay out overnight. She would not want me to worry.”