Jarod Johnson Missing – Help find Man missing from Yazoo City

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Jarod Johnson Missing – Authorities seeks help in finding man missing from Yazoo City since 2007.

Mississippi, U.S – Jarrod Duke Johnston, 18 year-old has been missing from Yazoo City, Mississippi since July 7, 2007.

What happened to Jarrod Duke Johnston?

The question what happened to Jarrod cannot be answered accurately as he is still considered a missing person at the time of this report.

However what we know is that Jarrod was seen last at his grandmother’s apartment in Yazoo City, Mississippi in the said date. Jarrod and his family were visiting the city for summer and Jarrod was to stay with his friend but his friends mother reportedly dropped him off at his grandmothers three days later. This caused an argument between Jarrod and his grandmother as she didn’t want him to stay at her place because he had done drugs in the past which landed him in rehab. She was scared of it happening again as she had painkillers at home.

According to reports, Jarrod took off at about 3 pm that day. He was said to have left with his black duffel bag, a backpack, his guitar in a black carrying case, and $20 cash. His stepsister tried to talk to him to calm him down and arrange to call his parents but he said to her not to worry and that he would take care of himself. He left and that was the last time he was seen.

What are authorities doing to find Jarrod Duke Johnston?

Authorities carried out search for Jarrod when he was reported missing but the search did not turn up much.

There was reported sightings of Jarrod in the year he went missing. One was from his cousin who said he saw him at a mall parking lot in Jackson, Mississippi in December 2007 but lost sight of him when he briefly turned away. However, at the time he was not aware that Jarrod was missing.

Jarrod was sighted again by an attendant in the mall where he was first seen. The family of Jarrod had gone to the mall with his picture and the attendant confirmed he was there in the said time. The attendant told them the card he was trying to pay with had been declined and had promised he would come back with another card, but never did. His family reported these sightings to the sheriff’s office.

The authorities followed the lead but still could not find the then 18 year-old.

Jarrod Duke Johnston description:

The 18 year-old was described as a Caucasian male who is approximately 5’11” feet tall and weighs about 155 pounds. He was said to have brown hair and brown eyes.

His last known clothing description was given as a blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and a red ball cap. He was carrying around a black duffle bag that has similar clothes inside.

Distinctive features were given as a large birthmark on his abdomen and his front tooth is capped. His hair tends to lighten in spots due to the sun and he has Native American heritage, so his skin is a slightly olive complexion and he tans easily.

Jarrod Duke Johnston still missing:

According to reports, Jarrod is still missing as the police has not confirmed that he has been found.

How can you help find Jarrod Duke Johnston?

You can help find Jarrod Duke Johnston by going to our social media and sharing this post as this will help create awareness that he is still missing.

Anyone who has seen or heard from Jarrod Duke Johnston has been asked to call 911.