Jamie Wright Missing – Remains found in Itawamba believed to be that of missing boy from Tremont

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Jamie Wright Missing – Is Tremont boy who went missing in November 2008 dead?

Fulton, MISSISSIPI – Skeletal remains has been found in Itawamba and it is believed to be that of Tremont missing boy who went missing in 2008.

Jamie Wright missing 2008:

Jamie Wright was 18 year-old when he went missing on November 30th, 2008 from Tremont. He was said to have been seen last at the home of his grandmother before he suddenly disappeared.

According to report, Jamie was at the backyard the said date and suddenly disappeared and had not been seen or heard from since then.

Jamie Wright description:

According to the missing person’s report data, the then 18 year-old was described as a White male who was approximately 5’3 feet tall and weighed about 125-130 pounds. He was said to have brown hair and blue eyes.

No distinctive features as well as last clothing description was given for Jamie.

Jamie Wright search:

Authorities carried out various search for Jamie after he went missing at the time but it all turned up nothing.

They were said to have gotten a tip which led them to search three wells in the local area but it all brought in nothing.

Sources said in 2017, tips alerted officials to the area where he entered the woods on the day he was last seen. Authorities obtained warrants to search the area, including wells, but could find no human remains.

In April 2021 during an interview with Jeff Wright, Jamie’s father he said he wasn’t sure Jamie was still alive.

With his new development in the case of Jamie his father might just be right. Now let’s see why!

Jamie Wright Death/ Is Jamie Wright dead?

The Itawamba County Sheriff said today in a press release that skeletal bones has been found in The Itawamba and it is believed to be that of the 18 year-old Jamie who went missing in 2008.

According to reports, the remains were found on Tuesday, September 7th 2021.

Chris Dickinson, the Itawamba County Sheriff said ““We recovered a jacket and personal effects, including the driver’s license of Wright, at the scene where the remains were found, The scene was in an area approximately a half-mile to one mile from where Wright initially went missing, We will have to follow protocol and get proper confirmation from the crime lab, but we believe this to be the remains of Jamie Wright”.

The remains were said to have been found in a close by location to where Jamie went missing from. This makes the possibility of the remains being his very high.

However, this has not been confirmed as further medical examination needs to be carried out before officially pronouncing him dead.

The family of Jamie has been informed of this new development and we await confirmation from the police.

This post will be updated as soon there is more information.

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