James Ledbetter Death – Thousand Oaks hiker found dead

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James Ledbetter Death – Obituary : Police say no foul play was suspected in the death of a 60-year-old Thousand Oaks resident, identified as James Ledbetter who was found dead after a day-and-a-half he was reported missing.

James Ledbetter died at the age of 60. How he arrived to the place where he was found dead is unclear, according to report.

Where was James Ledbetter’s body found?

Following the report filed by James’ wife Tuesday night about his sudden disappearance, his body was later discovered near a local hiking trail. Reports say James’ body was found in the morning of Wednesday, September 2, 2021 at about 7:40 a.m.

Police say he was found near Sunrise Trail in the Ranch neighborhood of Thousands Oaks.

James Ledbetter’s wife, 31, reported about the missing of her husband after he did not return from a hike.

Rescue team went all out through out Tuesday night and into Wednesday searching for James. Helicopters, bloodhounds and officers on foot and horseback scoured between Erbes Road and Bard Lake for missing James Ledbetter. The search was conducted by Ventura County.

The September 1 missing person alert issued for James said he had no known serious medical conditions and did not take a vehicle.

James Ledbetter Cause Of Death

Although authorities have not made Ledbetter’s name public, a friend said they were notified of his death this morning. The cause of death is still under investigation.

What happened to James Ledbetter?

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Missing alert issued on social media before he was found dead

ATTENTION NEED YOUR HELP! MY BROTHER, JAMES LEDBETTER IS MISSING! He left for a hike yesterday late afternoon at 5:30. Aug 31. He was going to be hiking in the open space behind McCrea or off Erbes. A neighbor at the top of McCrea’s camera system caught James walking to the top of McCrea around 5.40 pm. At this time search and rescue are out with the dogs to pick up James scent. They are asking people not disturb the area at this time as the helicopters & drones are looking him. HE’s 60 wearing a T-shirt & shorts. If you live in the Sunset Hills, Lang Ranch, or Wood Ranch area and saw any hikers please call the local police or myself. If you have cameras facing the street in front of your house will you please check them.. I will post updates. Please pray for my brothers safe return. The area grid is in Thousand Oaks,ca

Jessie Leigh Clark-Schermer announced the death of James Ledbetter

It is with extreme sadness that I report James was found, deceased, this morning. Thank you to everyone for the outpouring of support. I would ask now that you honor the privacy of James’ immediate family and the ongoing VC Sheriffs investigation. Please continue to pray for our family during this time. Asking for prayers for my uncle James.

He left his house to hike yesterday and never came home. He’s an exceptionally experienced hiker, mountain climber, and outdoorsman, so really quite worried. Search & rescue teams are currently looking. Please pray for his safe return and for the teams out searching.

UPDATE, evening 9/1 from my aunt Marta.

UPDATE: James has not been found, but the Sheriff’s Department has given the okay for people to join in the search. Please be advised:

– If asked to do something by SAR or Sheriff’s Deoartment, please follow their directions. James needs their support.
– no hiking alone
– only hike with a charged, working cell phone. Cell service may not be available everywhere.
– bring adequate water, sunscreen, and food for your needs.
-be ready for a variety of temperatures; check weather for Thousands Oaks that day
– hiking community friends, please share with non-FB folks

Currently we don’t have any official coordination. If you know the open space area of Sunset Hill Blvd east of the 23, and want to get started, go for it.

For everyone else, I’m looking for help some with mapping information (think this may be covered), search leaders, and coordination of search groups. Thank you everyone for your support. Let’s being James home.