James Hutchinson Missing – Mother pleads guilty to death of son

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James Hutchinson Missing –  Shocking! as mother of missing James Hutchinson pleads guilty to his murder.

James Hutchinson, 6 year-old was reported missing in March by his mother and her boyfriend. Mother has now reportedly pleaded guilty to his murder.

According to reports, the police had suspected something wasn’t right when they reported. The Authorities said “It was a little unusual because usually when you have a missing child, the first thing you do as parents is to contact the police.”

Brittany Gosney, mother of the 6 year-old and her boyfriend were later listed as suspects in the case and was charged to court.

On Monday, 16th of August 2021, Britanny pleaded guilty to killing her missing son and dumping him in a river. This revelation has brought shock to the hearts of many wondering how a mother can do such to her own son.

Reports stated Britanny said she had taken the boy along with his siblings to dump them in wildlife preserve about half an hour from their Middletown, Ohio. She had reportedly wanted to abandon all three children there but James was said to have held on to the car in a bid to get her to change her mind and she ran him over and put his body in the car along with his siblings and threw the body with the help of her boyfriend in the water.

Britanny has reportedly pleaded guilty to also pleaded guilty to two counts of endangering children.

The body of the 6 year-old is still yet to be found and the Authorities have said they will continue search for him.

Tracy Campbell  said “It seems like everything has worked against us,” Campbell said. “When the incident first happened, we had all the issues with the weather and the rain, I know that myself, along with the NSI team, would feel better if we could have located James, brought him home and put him to rest,”

We are all left to wonder how the heart of a mother can be this wicked to her own!

The authorities are still asking for credible information that can help find the body of the boy.