Jake Cote Missing – Suspect in the case of missing Quebec boy opens fire at the police during their rescue mission

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Jake Cote Missing – Amber Alert issued to help find 3 year-old missing Quebec boy abducted by his father cancelled.

Jake Côté, 3 year-old has been reported missing from the Bas-Saint-Laurent area of Quebec, New Brunswick.

According to reports, Jake was abducted by a 36 year-old David Côté on Tuesday, August 31st 2021.

Jake was said to have been seen last at about 1pm the said date in Sainte-Paule, a municipality about an hour east of Rimouski.

Jake Cote Amber Alert:

A Amber Alert has been issued to help find Jake who is considered an infant at risk.

Jake Cote Description:

The 3 year-old has been described as a White infant male who has short brown hair and weighs about 30 pounds. He has brown eyes.

No distinctive features has been given.

The last known clothing description of the Jake was given as a blue t-shirt with a six or nine graphic in blue camouflage, as well as silver stripes on the sleeves and bottom of the shirt and a dark blue jeans and beige boots.

Jake Cote search:

The authorities are searching for the two who are believed to be travelling in a grey (hand painted), dirty all terrain vehicle although the vehicle was found on Tuesday evening and they are now believed to be travelling on foot.

The spokes person for the police said “As a result, the suspect and his son could now be travelling on foot or by vehicle,” the SQ said in a news release. “We are asking citizens and motorists to pay attention to the physical and clothing description of David and Jake Côté, but not to venture near Sainte-Paule in order to avoid hindering the search, confusing the dog handlers or risking getting lost.”

The suspect is believed to be harmed and dangerous so the authorities ask people to be careful if they come across him.

Jake Cote Found:

According to a press release by the Calgary Police, Jake has now been found safe on Tuesday, September 7th 2021.

Authorities were said to have barricaded the place where the father David was hiding with his son. They were both said to have been found in a private residence in Ste-Paule in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region.

According to reports, David opened fire at the police when they arrived the location to recover the boy. He was reportedly arrested and awaits a court date.

Amber Alert for Jake Cote cancelled:

The Amber Alert that was earlier issued to help find Jake has now been cancelled after he was found in the same area where he was abducted.

Authorities said investigation is still on-going and David has been taken in for questioning.