Jake Cefolia missing – Body of missing United Airlines Executive, Found In Dense Forest

Jake Cefolia missing – Body of Jake Cefolia found in a forest

The remains of Jake Cefolia, a United Airlines executive, who disappeared in August 2020, has been found In Dense Forest preserve, after a year of desperate search.

Who is Jake Cefolia?

He was United Airlines’ Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, who was revealed to to be under criminal investigation, after two weeks of his disappearance.

The ex-wife of the deceased reported him missing the day after he did not return home.

Jake Cefolia’s last seen

As at the time Cefolia disappeared, his attire was not known until he was caught on a surveillance footage in a gas station in the area, which revealed he was wearing hiking boots and khaki pants.

The search for Jake Cefolia

After the executive was reported missing, Officers started a vigorous search , and found the car was driving when he got missing at the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve in Darien, Illinois, and he was nowhere to be found.

Officers had already gotten tired of finding the missing due to the duration and unproductive search, though they still hoped he will be found, and 14 months later, his body was found in a densely wooded area in the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve, outside of Chicago.

When was the body found?

Officers revealed that on Friday, Contractors who were performing clean-up and tree trimming found the remains, hanging by belt from an uprooted tree, and his wallet, driver’s license and a backpack with personal belongings were also at the scene.

Jake Cefolia’s cause of death

The remains was taken for forensic check, and the medical personnel ran an autopsy, and dental records showed that the rotting corpse was Cefolia’s.

Authorities declared the cause of death to be suicide.

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