Issac Daniel Seidel Missing – Help police find Perry County man

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Issac Daniel Seidel Missing – Authorities seeks help in finding man missing from Perry County early September.

Issac Daniel Seidel, 36 year-old has been reported missing from Perry County. He was reportedly seen last on Sunday, 12th of September 2021.

According to reports, Daniel was seen last at his home in three Spring road, Blain PA. He is believed to be driving his bicycle which he always does.

Issac Daniel Seidel description:

The 36 year-old is described as a White male who has short brown hair and hazel eyes. He is of slim build.

Daniel’s last known clothing description has not been given.

Issac Daniel Seidel search:

Authorities began search for the 36 year-old after he was reported missing and have been searching areas where he was seen last and said to frequent but the search hasn’t yielded much.

The Pennsylvania State Police are now asking the help of the public in finding Daniel.

Help find Issac Daniel Seidel:

To help find the 36 year-old, you can share this post on our Facebook and Twitter as this will help create awareness that he is missing.

Anyone who has seen or heard from Issac Daniel Seidel since the reported date or has information to help find him has been asked to contact PSP Newport Crime Unit at 717567 3110.