Isaiah Strokes, 41, Arraigned For Murder Of Tyrone Jones

Isaiah Strokes, 41, Arraigned For Murder

41-year-old Isaiah Strokes was on Friday arraigned before the Grand jury on the charges of second-degree murder and illegal possession of a weapon, In connection to the death of one 37 -year-old Tyrone Jones of Queens Villa.

Strokes is an Actor and has appeared in a numbers of Television Series such as Power, Law and Order and Boardwalk Empire amongst many others.

The authorities has revealed that a surveillance footage showed Strokes firing about 11 rounds into a Grand Cherokee Jeep parked by the street, Immediately after alighting from a vehicle close to the Cross-Road at Linden Boulevard and 200th Street on the Afternoon of February 7th.

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz, In a recent interview spoke of the recent widespread of Gun violence and has assure the public that the Authorities will not let gun violence become a norm in the society.

Strokes is to appear before the court on Monday and if found guilty is liable to face about 25 years to life in prison.