Is Mark Philippoussis’s Father Dead? Cause of Death

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Could Mark Philippoussis’s Father Pretending to be Ill to Avoid Imprisonment?

According to reports, Philippoussis pleaded not guilty to 14 charged of sexual assault in July. In a statement he made when he was arrested, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department reported that Philippoussis’s was serving as a personal trainer and the 9 year-old girls had purportedly taken tennis lessons. If found guilty he would face a maximum of life imprisonment.

The Australia coach has been detained since he was allegedly arrested for assaulting the two 9 year-old old girls in July, but due to his poor health, the Judge(Michael Washington) presiding over the matter agreed to cancel the $9.2 million bail. His case will be read in June to check his condition.

Nick Philippoussis Sickness

The Australian tennis coach Nick caught a severe stroke in the US prison and may never face trial for his crime. A San Diego judge was told on Thursday that the 68 year-old Philippoussis is the father of the the former top 10 Australian player Mark Philippoussis’s. He caught catatonia after a stroke and was surrounded and handcuffed by officials to a hospital bed.

According to reports, the bail might not require handcuffs and his family will be granted free access. Mr. Tenaglia has been been reported to refute the fact that Philippoussis’s is claiming to be ill to avoid trial. His doctor told Deputy District Attorney Garret Wong that his “prognosis is very poor”. Mr. Tenaglia and Mr. Huang has said that the whole process is not a threat, judging from the health briefing he heard with the family, which said that his survival is unlikely.

According to sources,  Philippoussis’s coached his son Mark as a professional player. During the coaching period in 1999 and 2003, Mark was awarded the Davis World Cup Championship twice and got to the finals in 1998 US Open, in 2006, he parted ways with his dad professionally.