Is Kevin De Bruyne An Albino? Hard To Believe Parents Ethnicity Is Caucasian

By | January 15, 2022

Is Kevin De Bruyne An Albino? Kevin De Bruyne is a Belgian professional footballer representing the national team and Premier League’s Manchester City. Playing as a midfielder, many often consider him a complete player. Making his international debut in 2010, he has scored 23 goals so far. He has earned a few accolades, including two Premier League Playmaker of the Season titles, UEFA Champions League Midfielder of the season, and the Belgian Sportsman of the Year.

Furthermore, Kevin has made his way to the list of the Top 10 highest-paid footballers of the world. In today’s game against Chelsea, he scored the only goal at the 70th minute of the match, leading his team to a tight victory. He doesn’t have Albinism. It is a congenital condition in humans due to which skin, hair, and eyes lack pigment partially or completely. Several vision defects, including photophobia, nystagmus, and amblyopia, associate with this genetic situation.

Not only that, people with it are more susceptible to sunburn and skin cancers. The inheritance from recessive gene alleles is the cause of Albinism. This change comes about in the absence of a copper-containing enzyme tyrosinase that produces melanin. This genetic condition occurs in all vertebrates. The organism with a complete absence of melanin is an albino, otherwise leucistic or albinoid.

Is Kevin De Bruyne An Albino? Hard To Believe Parents Ethnicity Is Caucasian

In Kevin’s case, he probably doesn’t have it as he hasn’t officially confirmed it. Nevertheless, there are rumors about it online. It seems his white complexity is the primary reason behind the gossips. Kevin De Bruyne was born to parents, Herwig De Bruyne and Anna De Bruyne, on 28 June 1991 in Drongen, Belgium. His mother is a Burundi-born Belgian. As for his father, there aren’t many details online.

Nevertheless, Kevin has once disclosed his time at a foster family. When he was 15, Belgian club Genk put him in one for 12 months. While there, one career-changing event happened. At the end of the year, his mother, crying, said the foster family didn’t want him anymore. The reason for that was his lack of interactiveness. This situation was a huge issue for his early career as the club thought he was a problem. However, that setback only motivated him to train harder and achieve more.

As for Kevin’s ethnicity, it seems to be White Caucasian. Nonetheless, the footballer himself hasn’t disclosed anything about it. Reportedly, he is a believer in Christianity religion. Once, he has stated that he doesn’t consider himself religious despite being Catholic but holds the spirituality close to his heart.