Ian Medina – RIP Ian Medina

Ian Medina mIssing – Death – Obituary – Cause of death: Man missing from new Jersey believed to be in Perth Amboy found dead.

NEW JERSEY, US State – Ian Medina who was missing from New Jersey has now been found dead. He was last seen on the 22nd of October 2021 at the Carteret Waterfront.

The family of Ian expressed deep worries at his disappearance and he was feared to be in danger.

A Facebook post by his cousin, Nichole Stevens reads “My cousin’s bro-in-law has been missing for 11 days without a word. This is in New Jersey. We all have friends lists with friends and relatives from all over this country. The more exposure his posts gets the better. So, please share, share, share. Also, please take a minute to PRAY for his safe return, and for his family right now well. They are missing him terribly.”

According to the report, he was believed to be in the area of Carteret and Perth Amboy area of New Jersey.

Ian Medina description:

Ian is described as an adult male who has brown eyes and black hair. He is of a medium build weighing about 145 pounds and is approximately 170cm – 175cm tall.

The last known clothing description of Ian was not given. Distinctive features and birthmarks were also not given.

Search for Ian Medina:

Ian has been reported missing to the police who are doing all they can with the help of his family to find him.

The Police also asked the help of the public in finding him.

Ian Medina found dead:

According to multiple sources, Ian has now been found dead. He was found dead today, Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021.

Ian Medina death – Obituary:

Ian has now been confirmed dead. The cause of his death has not been given.

Condolences are been offered to his family for their loss.

A Facebook post by Marlene Harrison reads “Good morning. I regretfully have to make this post this morning. After 12 long, hard days of searching for Ian, the search came to a stop yesterday. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information yet on how or exactly when this happened. But please allow time for my family to grieve the loss of Ian. He was a son, brother, uncle, and a friend.”

Ian Medina GoFundMe:

A GoFundMe account has now been opened to help in the funeral expenses for Ian.

The GoFundMe page which has a goal of $7,500 has now realized $833 by 22 donors.

The page reads “Hi, my name is Sophia. Thank you for clicking this link. I’m unfortunately here today to raise money to lay my brother-in-law to rest.
Ian went missing on 10/22/2021 in Carteret New Jersey. It was like he dropped off the face of the earth. Investigators and police had no leads or ideas about what happened.
During the 12 days Ian was missing, my family was taunted with prank calls, ransom threats, and harassing phone calls the whole time.”

Click here to donate Ian Medina GoFundMe.

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