Hiker Angela Tramonte Was Found Dead on Her First Date With Off-Duty Cop

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Angela Tramonte Death; Cause of Death,

A 31-year-old woman who went hiking on her first date the off-duty cop was found dead. The victim who was identified as Angela Tramonte was found dead following her visit to Echo Canyon Trail, Arizona with her date Dario Dizder a police officer

The duo started hiking together Dario said he continued to hike because Angela turned back in the middle of the trail due to her being overheated. Angela was later found dead in a house near the trail as reported by the Officials.

Firefighter reported they were trying to save someone before she finally collapse. The rescue team were reportedly looking for the young woman but unfortunately about four hours later she was found dead.

A friend of Angela who stayed in Boston, Massachusetts, Elia protests that they “seeking for an answer.”

They were reactions over this incident; one of the her friend Stacey Geraldi said; “As a cop, as a first responder, you are supposed to help people. Someone is walking in the mountains and you are watching her suffering and she feels sick and exhausted. If so, why don’t you walk behind her. Why do you go back and keep walking? It doesn’t make sense.”

Another friend Evelyn Doherty said “It’s hard to imagine she wore it and went there. [improper] I’m wearing shoes and I don’t have water.“

Her friend is now looking for an answer as to why Angela was left alone when she was overheated and exhausted.