Hawkesbury River plane crash – Sydney Seaplanes wins appeal

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Sydney Seaplanes wins tragic crash appeal

Sydney Seaplanes has won a lawsuit that was filed by the father of an 11-year-one-girl, Heather that was killed when Sydney Seaplanes crashed into Hawkesbury River in 2017 while retuning from a sightseeing trip in Sydney’s north.

The DHC-2 Beaver, which was piloted by Gareth Morgan, crashed into Hawkesbury River on December 31 2017 killing high-profile British businessman Richard Cousins, his adult sons Edward and William, fiancee Emma Bowden and her 11-year-old daughter Heather and Mr. Morgan.

The court ordered the father of 11-year-one-girl to stop Sydney Seaplanes and to pay the company’s costs after a successful appeal by the aircraft operator.

According to a report which was issued by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, it was revealed that the pilot was confused, disoriented and affected by poisonous exhaust gas in the moments before the seaplane submerged into the river

Its three-year investigation, hampered by the plane’s lack of a recording device, confirmed that exhaust gas leaked into the cabin, poisoning the pilot and passengers with carbon monoxide, according to West Australian.

According to West Australian “the Appeal Court found that the order dismissing the original Federal Court proceedings for want of jurisdiction was not “a relevant order” within the meaning of the State Jurisdiction Act”