Harrison Ford Gets Back Lost Credit Card After It’s Found By Tourist In Italy, Who is Henry Ford?

According to reports,  79-year-old American actor Harrison Ford  lost his credit card while in the beach town of Mondello near Palermo on Thursday. A  tourist with the honor code of a Jedi Knight found the card and took it to the Palermo police, who discovered that the card was Harrison Ford’s

Mondello’s police quickly identified the place where ‘Indiana Jones’ had tried to regain his privacy — after that a few fans recognized him while walking ‘undercover’ in the streets of the beach area,” police said in a statement.

When the police officer and two policemen showed him and returned his belongings, the actor smiled, relieved of all the prevented damage and happy to know a place as beautiful as it is honest,” police said in a statement.

The meeting with the policemen was sealed with a photo that will be jealously kept by all the protagonists of the story,” police added.

Harrison Ford Indiana Jones Works/Career/Movies

The first movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” came out in 1981 and was followed by “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” in 1984, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” 2008, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” was released in 1989.

Tourist returns Harrison Ford’s credit card after star loses it in Italy
Harrison Ford Gets Back Lost Credit Card After It’s Found By Tourist In Italy
Harrison Ford’s Lost Credit Card Returned By a Tourist in Italy
Harrison Ford reunited with credit card thanks to Good Samaritan tourist