Hajra Ćatić is dead, a mother who searched for the bones of her son Nina for 26 years

Hajra Catic, president of the Srebrenica Women’s Association has just passed away

According to reports, she’s been sick for while she took care of other sick people, she was selfless to the core. She hasn’t been seen in public for months, she was absent from the protest that happened in Tuzla on the 11th of each month. She searched for her son’s body for over 26 years but couldn’t find even a bone.

According to reports, she wasn’t seen in Potocari, her son Nermin who resides in Sweden, was seen in the “Nino Cactic” award ceremony. He said he tried to reach Potocari each time he came to Potocari but always failed at it due to illness.

“Every year I hope to find him and bury him. He is these 11 here, then the next 11, and then the one there … This is the situation many years ago, and my son is still missing …” He said about the Radiosaarajevo portal. Hajra Catic’s ba in due time. Make the earth easier for him.” Said Nermin.

Our most sincere thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends at this difficult time.