Glenda Parton missing – Silver Alert Turley

Glenda Parton missing – Dewayne Selby missing Update!

OKLAHOMA, US State – Glenda Parton, 80-year-old has been reported missing from Turley, Oklahoma. She was reportedly seen last on Monday, October 25th, 2021 she was said to have gone to Turley in search of her missing son, Dwayne Selby, 59-year-old.

According to report, Dwayne and his friend, 76-year-old Jack Grimes had been missing since Friday after attending a horse show in Texas. Glenda became worried after all attempts to locate hers were unsuccessful so she went searching for him in Turley.

During the search for Glenda, her vehicle which is a red Kia Rio was found abandoned yesterday on Highway 75 near 56th Street North.

A CCTV footage released by the police also showed Glenda talking to an unknown male hours before she went missing and the police are now seeking for information to identify the male.

Reagan Ledbetter wrote on Facebook “*NEW INFO** Need To Identify Man Seen With Missing Woman: The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) just released these pictures from Monday night of missing 80-year-old Glenda Parton with this man. TCSO needs help identifying who this man is.”

Glenda Parton description:

The 80-year-old is described as an aged White female who has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Glenda’s last known clothing description was not given. Distinctive features were also not given.

Silver Alert:

A Silver Alert has now been issued to help in finding the 80-year-old who is believed to be in danger.

The Alert which was issued the morning of Wednesday, October 27th is still in effect.

Help find Glenda Parton:

You can help find Glenda by sharing this post on our Facebook and Twitter to create awareness that she is missing. One of the vital tools in finding a missing person is creating awareness.

Glenda’s sister-in-law said “This is my mother-in-law Glenda (Cookie) Parton she is missing. I posted last evening that my brother-in-law and his friend went missing on a trip to Fort Worth. Cookie came to Turley last evening to look for her son. I talked with her around 8 pm and she was here at the house.”

Anyone who has information that can help find Glenda Parton has been asked to call 911 immediately.

Jack Grimes and Dewayne Selby missing Update!

A post by Reagan Ledbetter an hours ago reads “**BREAKING** Car of Missing Men Found in Tulsa This Morning:
The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office tells me the car Jack Grimes and Dewayne Selby were last known to be driving was found in Mohawk Park early this morning. Crews are out there now searching the park. Dewaynes mother Glenda Parton has been missing for two days also, and her car was found abandoned along Highway 75 near 56th Street North.”