Gerald Sokoi Missing – Doctor missing from Papua terrorist attack

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Gerald Sokoi Missing – Where is the Doctor missing from an attack by the Papuan armed criminal group terrorists.

Papua, Malaysia – Gerald Sokoi has been reported missing from Papua. He was reportedly seen last on Monday, September 13th 2021 following a terrorist attack against health workers in Malaysia.

According to reports, an attack was carried out in the Keweruk District, Bintang Mountains, Papua. The attack left the building on fire and Dr. Gerald was missing from the building.

According to a Tweet by Papua Indonesia, “Papuan armed criminal group terrorists admitted that they had massacred health workers (nakes) while burning a number of public facilities, including a health center in Kiwirok District, Bintang.”

Search for Gerald Sokoi:

Authorities has been carrying out search for the Dr after he went missing. The West Papua National Liberation Army/Free Papua Organization has said they would handover Dr Gerald to the Gunung Bintang Regency government or to the church but that hasn’t been done.

The police however are trying to find him as they do not believe the statement of the TPNPB-OPM.

Police Chief Kahyo Sukarnito said in an interview today “If that’s what they conveyed, they should confirm it. Yes, the search is ongoing, which is why efforts are always made to add strength and personnel to support the search for the individual in question, including securing other residents. While we are ramping up, as happened yesterday, there are also teachers and residents who have been evacuated to Jayapura.”

The identity or description of the missing Dr Gerald Sokoi has not been given.

Social media to Dr Gerald Sokoi missing: