Crewe George Richardson Reported Missing Update

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George Richardson Missing – Reported Missing, a television show featured the story of a man whose family launched their own search for him.

Crewe, New South Wales – George Richardson, 49 year-old went missing in September 2018 after he reportedly told his wife he was headed to the Job Centre.

According to reports, George was just trying to recover from being an alcoholic when he was laid out of his job. He reportedly left and did not return home.

The family of George became really worried and reported him busy to the police.

However, the police tried their best in finding him. They searched the local area but could not find him. His family out of desperation asked the police to look into his phone records to see if they could get clues to help find him.

The police reportedly declined and the family of the missing man looked into his record themselves and found some revealing things which showed the man as being suicidal.

The new revelation made the police look more into the case and he was thereafter considered to be a ‘high risk’ missing person.

Reported Missing – Television Series:

The case of the missing man was as a result featured in BBC show ‘Reported Missing’ which examined facts about the case of the 49 year-old man.

George Richardson description:

The 49 year-old was described as a White male who has blue eyes and brown hair. He was said to be of slim build.

The last known clothing description of George was not given.

George Richardson found:

According to report, five days into the search, George was said to have contacted his wife and the police were able to trace the call and found him.

The 49 year-old was said to have broke down in tears when he was eventually found.

George said “I was going to kill myself. I was going to hang myself. I love you all. But I want to get my life back together and sort my head out. I couldn’t live without Helen because she has been there for me for 25 years. She knows everything I have gone through. I love her to bits.”

Helen, wife of the 49 year-old said “I’ve told him I want to grow old with him and do things normal people do without alcohol being involved and see what his recovery is like.”