Garrett Walker Alabama Missing – University of Alabama student

Garrett Walker Alabama Missing – The Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue search for missing University of Alabama student last seen at the Grey Lady on Sunday.

ALABAMA – US State – A student from the University of Alabama has been reported missing. Garrett Walker who is a junior at the university was last seen on the morning of Sunday, November 7th, 2021 near 17th Ave – Queens City/Tuscaloosa and has not been seen or heard from since then.

Garret’s mother, Debbie Walker took to social media to declare him missing and asked the help of the public in finding him. A Facebook post his mother reads ” I need your help. My son is MISSING. He was last seen at The Grey Lady at 1:15 AM this morning. No one has seen or heard from him since. We would greatly appreciate any information and help regarding if anyone saw him at or around 1:15 AM.”

The Maryland native was also reportedly seen at The Grey Lady at 1:15 AM the morning of Sunday. Your help is needed in finding him as concerns are growing for his safety.

Garrett Walker description:

Garret is described as a White adult male who has dark hair and brown eyes. He is of a medium build.

The last known clothing description of Garrett was given as blue jeans, a grey t-shirt, and a long sleeve check shirt.

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Garrett Walker search:

Authorities began searching for Garret after he was reported missing. During the search by the police, his phone was found at the river walk abut there is still no sign for him.

The Tuscaloosa Police along with friends of the family of Garrett are doing all they can to find him. Some of his personal belongings ahs also been recovered from around the river.

A Facebook post by Hannah Stephens reads “I have mutual friends with Garrett Walker. Please share!!!”

The police are asking the help of the public in finding him.

An update by the Tuscaloosa Police this morning says “Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue and Tuscaloosa Police Department search crews will be searching the area at first light on.”

Help find Garrett Walker:

To help find Garrett, you can share this post from our Facebook and Twitter to create awareness that he is missing. One of the vital tools in finding a missing person is creating awareness.

If you have information that can help find Garrett Walker please contact Tuscaloosa Police on 205 349 2121 or his family on 410-241-7407.

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