Gabby Petito update – ‘Gator bones’ found beside Brian Laundrie’s remains

Gabby Petito update – ‘Gator bones’ found where Brian Laundrie’s remains were recovered after he ‘posted pic of croc attack’

Brian Laundrie, had posted a picture on Pinterest where an alligator was attacking a man, and after he died alligator bones were recovered about 54.864 meters away from the where Brian Laundrie,s body was recovered.

Brian Laundrie’s cause of death

The question now is, was Brian Laundrie killed by an alligator? Society alert is still researching this case and we will keep updating you as information comes in.

Olivia who is a user on twitter said she found the bones and took a couple of photos, and posted on where she teased, “Could be animal” and response came in from an online sleuth that, “Definitely gator. They have those long spike extrusions on spoke bones. I feel when the water levels rised, Gators migrated to him and then went back out father as the water receded.” This confirmed that the bones where alligator bones even before a forensic check is carried ot.

Officers have not closed the case yet as they are still researching on the case.