French Girl Missing – What happened to this Saint-Brice girl

French Girl Missing – Has the 17-year-old Saint-Brice girl missing from Bellebranche forest on Monday been found?

A 17-year-old jogger who was reported missing after she was kidnapped has now been found safe. She was last seen on Monday, November 8th, 2021 leaving her village in Saint-Brice for the local Bellebranche forest at about 4 pm.

Accoridng to report, authorities had been searching for her after she was reported missing by her father when she failed to return home.

During the search by the girl’s father, her phone was found and her GPS watch in the areas where she always ran through. The police also continued searching for her.

The girl was found in a kebab shop and was said to have been in a state of shock as she explained she was kidnapped and was lucky to escape from her kidnappers. She was later taken to the hospital as she sustained some injuries.

Authorities are carrying out investigations on the disappearance of the girl. A man was reportedly brought into custody for questioning but has now been released. The police are continuing to investigate the case and ask anyone who has information to contact them.