Frank Trusheim of Belvedere Tiburon, California Obituary – Death

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Frank Trusheim of Belvedere Tiburon, California Obituary – Death

Frank Trusheim of Belvedere Tiburon, California has died. Frank passed away in September 2021. This is such a sad time for the family and loved ones Frank has left behind. We commensurate with the bereaved at a time like this. He is survived by the beautiful family (His wife and kids) and friends he left behind.

Cause of death: The cause of Frank’s death has not been revealed by the family yet at the time of this publication but we will make sure to update all the necessary information as it unfolds.

Funeral arrangement

There will be a celebration of life service at The Tiburon Tavern on Thursday, September 16 from 2-5pm. Nothing prepares a person for the loss of a loved one and so at a dire time like this, we extend our warmest condolences to the family of the deceased.

Tributes and Condolences

Frank’s brother-in-law, Robert took to his Facebook to pen down his heartfelt tribute to the memory of Frank:

Robert Scheer
“My big brother Frank”
Only recently I learned that I am actually almost 4 years older than Frank Trusheim. Frank always seemed more adult to me than I was. He had clear convictions and seemed very sure footed about himself, his values, his life.
Frank knew how to do things like fix computers and garden and he was great at explaining – I always thought he would’ve made a great teacher. He enjoyed talking about history and geography, politics, sports . I always enjoyed listening to him because he knew what he was talking about.
When I was around Frank, I thought everything would always be ok because he knew how to plan in advance and would organize things/activities so everyone else had an easy time of it. You didn’t get lost with Frank and you always knew he would find a place to park. All of this may sound like small things but when you can’t do any of those things and you feel kind of lost a lot of the time, being with Frank was like being with an older brother.
In 16 yrs we did a lot of great things together. We would have done more but the distance was too great and I didn’t make enough effort. But we biked,hiked,beached, vacationed, gambled, ate, traveled and went to lots of games.
Frank had character; you could count on him. He really loved Lisa and his kids and I admired how much he sacrificed for his family. Very unselfish that way.
I always assumed we would just become old brothers in law. I wish we had more time”.

Also, according to the caption on the GoFundMe page opened for him, he was described as

“… a kind, sweet, generous, sensitive, hardworking, intelligent man who was so proud of his family. Please consider a donation on this site which will be distributed between The Tiburon Train Museum, where he volunteered for years, and the Ring Mountain Preserve, which he loved so much”.