Frank Aguilar Missing – Firefighter Missing In Mexico

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Frank Aguilar Missing – LAFD firefighter identified as Francisco Aguilar has gone missing after a recent trip to Rosarito, Mexico. Aguilar’s family are gripped with the fear of the worst and are calling for his safety.

Friends, family and other concerned individuals are praying for Aguilar’s well being following his mysterious disappearing.

Frank Aguilar is a Los Angeles firefighter who went missing while on a trip to Mexico.

Aguilar, 48, was reportedly last heard from on Thursday when he went to his condo near Rosarito.

“I hear of things like this happening but never would I ever thought it would happen to my brother,” Aguilar’s brother Gabriel said.

Aguilar’s family members reportedly found a concerning scene when they went to check.

“The condo was ransacked, tables were overturned. It was a crazy, crazy episode,” daughter Bella Aguilar said. “Vehicles were missing, items were missing. It was devastating to hear… It was so heartbreaking to hear.”

His daughters say his Jeep and dirt bike are missing, and his phone is shut off, which they say is very unusual for the father of two who is extremely close to his family.

The FBI is working with Mexican authorities as they try to find the missing firefighter.

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