Four injured in Greene County-Greeneville Accident Identified


Four Injured In A Collision Crash

Occupants, of a Greene County-Greeneville EMS ambulance and two others were injured on Sunday at about 8:15 pm in a collision involving a pickup truck and EMS ambulance.

According to report, the Pickup truck driver, Richard Willey Holiman, 56- years of Johnson City, attempted to make a left-hand turn from Hopper Road onto West Market Street but was hit by an ambulance driven by 50-year-old Earl Lewis Anderson II, of Chuckey, who was eastbound on West Market Street toward Johnson City Medical Center with emergency equipment activated.

Anderson attempted to avoid the collision but was unable to do so, and the ambulance hit the truck on the passenger side.

Those injured were Anderson and two others in the ambulance; 37-year-old Ryan C. Strozier, of Greeneville; and 66-year old James W. Hughes, of Limestone and Anderson.

According to report, Holiman has been charged with no proof of having vehicle insurance and cited for failure to yield, driving an unregistered vehicle and having a switched registration tag.