Five shot dead at a wedding ceremony in Eastern Cape

Police say about five men are dead following a shooting at traditional wedding ceremony in Zwelitsha, Eastern Cape.

The incident happened on Friday, 22 October 2021, the family had a traditional wedding engagement ceremony for one of the deceased.

The report further suggests that the family gathered again on Saturday to wrap up and conclude the ceremony.

“It is alleged that whilst the five deceased men, aged between 30 and 50, were sitting in one of the rondavels in the homestead, unidentified male suspects appeared and started shooting and killing all of them at the scene.

They thereafter disappeared without trace.

The number of the suspects is also unknown.

The motive for the killings is not yet known and police are investigating.

No arrests have been made.

“A 72-hour mobilization plan has also been activated in order to rally all the necessary resources for a possible speedy arrest of the suspects.”