Fernand Tardif Missing – What happened to Berlin man?

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Fernand Tardif Missing – What happened to 81 year-old Berlin man who went missing yesterday.

Fernand Tardif, 81 year-old who was missing from Berlin has now been found safe.

According to reports, Tardif was said to have walked away from his residence in Berlin on Tuesday, August 24th 2021. His last known location was Fernand Tardif.

The 81 year-old was registered as a Missing Endangered Person. The police said at the time that they were concerned about his well being due to his age.

Multiple sources also said Tardif suffers from Alzhiemers which makes his disappearance very worrisome.

The Authorities commenced search for him immediately he was reported missing.

However, in the late hours of Tuesday, the police confirmed that Fernand Tardif has been found safe and well.

The circumstances that surrounded his disappearance has not been given.

The family of the 81 year-old are grateful to all who helped in the search for him.