Faruq Osilalu Missing – Update: Missing Sedan Service worker found dead

Faruq Osilalu Missing – Body found – Death – obituary – Deputies said the body of a missing man has been found.

According to report a 22-year-old Faruq Osilalu, who was reported missing on September 19, was found dead in Baltimore City.

The wife of Faruq Osilalu, 22-year-old Alayna Osilalu, said her husband’s remains were found on October 4 and he was listed as a John Doe, until recently when deputies were able to identify him through his jewelry.

She said his remains were so badly damaged that investigators could not figure out his fingerprints.

Alayna said her husband worked as a private contractor under Sedan Service in Baltimore. She reported him missing on September 19, two days after his last known ride.

Baltimore County police announced on Thursday that Osilalu was “no longer missing,” and that the city police department is taking over the investigation.

Baltimore police said they’re waiting for an autopsy to determine the cause of his death.