Erik Kristopher Myers Obituary – Death

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Erik Kristopher Myers Obituary – Death

Erik Kristopher Myers Obituary – Death : The death of filmmaker, writer and director Erik Kristopher Myers on the 12th  of September 2021 came s a shock to the movie industry, his family, friends and colleagues. Myers was born on March 19, 1976 in Hagerstown, Maryland, USA. He is an editor and writer, known for Roulette (2012), Butterfly Kisses (2018) and A Split Personality (2013). He has been married to Laura Myers since April 26, 2008.

Prior to his death, he worked as Staff writer at “Ain’t It Cool News”, Former Technical Writer at Caelum Research Corporation, he served on the Board of Directors at Howard County Autism Society. He was conferred with the “Lord” title at Aberdeenshire Scotland.

Cause of Death

The cause of Myers’ death has not been revealed at the time of this publication yet, we will be sure to update all necessary information as it unfolds.

Funeral arrangement

There is no news yet from the family concerning funeral arrangements or visitation time. Nothing prepares a person for the loss of a loved one and so at a dire time like this, we extend our warmest condolences to the family of the deceased.

Tributes and Condolences / Visitation

Friends and colleagues have taken time to pour out their condolence messages on social media:

Candace Beran
R.I.P. Erik Kristopher Myers. I fu*king hate this. I can’t believe I’m writing this. I can’t believe a stupid FB post is all thats left. I’m so mad at you for leaving this world. I’m so mad at myself for wanting to meet up with you but not doing so due my own mental health causing me to have to take a bunch of crappy pysch meds which put a bunch of weight on me and I didn’t want you to think less of me since you loved women with such perfect figures which all seems so dumb now. I can’t believe you’re really gone and I didn’t get to spend more time with you. You will always be that shy boy kicking rocks while we talked at film school yet so confident somehow at the same time. Maybe too confident at times that I thought “wow what an ego this kid has” but I know we both tried to act tougher than we really were in the same funny way baseball caps and all as a shell to protect us from this world. In many ways we were built from the same cloth. I hope you haunt us all in a good way. I can’t help but think you passed on a Sunday due to this song which I always had a love hate relationship with relating to my own love life which doubly makes me not want to post it but here you go with Faith though you are at peace and an Angel now yourself. I love you.

Christina Nicholls
I never had the pleasure of meeting you face-to-face but I know you were loved and cherished by so many.
I hope you are resting well among the stars, my friend.

James Billian
12 hrs · Public · Erik Kristopher Myers Filmmaker and Friend. March 19, 1976 – September 12th 2021

Dankwa Brooks
Damn this is really sad news. I just read here on FB that Erik Kristopher Myers passed away last weekend.
I never met him, but we bonded as film alumni of Towson University here on FB and had great film related conversations. This is really sad 😢 Condolences to his family. May he Rest In Peace 🌹

Ali Lukowski
“I was lucky enough to call you my friend, even luckier to be able to work side by side with you to bring so many creative things to life. Until we meet again Erik Kristopher Myers. Thank you for having so many crazy adventures with me. You’ll be in my heart and in my mind, always. “BANG”
❤️ Sunny”